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Read below whats missing:

No cut and paste
Is Steve mocking us? Does he really not think that cut and paste is important? Or is it that the genius engineers at Apple can't figure out how to do it? I mean, one has to ask the question since there's no other viable reason for it not to be included -- now or when we first launched.

Read-only apps
The Mobile Me idea is fantastic. Make desktop-like Internet widgets that connect directly and wirelessly to an iPhone. And now it reads iWork, which means Keynote -- but if I want to make a change on the fly, I can't. I want to be able to edit those documents. I know that I can now use my Mac and have it all sync, but I want my iPhone to be my computer -- I don't want to carry around both, and until Apple addresses this, I still have to.

No extra storage
It's still 8GB and 16GB. I just got access to the App Store .. can I have a 32GB iPhone? Please? I'll pay for it.

No videocamera
Man, I wanted this one. I wanted that front facing camera. I wanted to videochat with you folks where I am. I really wanted that amazing mobile version of iChat. Nope. Not true. In the future, yeah, I'm sure, but not now.

AT&T says it's checking, but it looks like MMS is up to Apple and it looks like Apple is in all SMS mode. MMS is now about as basic as dialing a phone and still the iPhone is without it. Sure, we can e-mail photos - faster with 3G -- but I still want to be able to choose between sending iWife a text and sending her a picture.

Same camera
Apple recently put out the call for engineers who can work on making the iPhone's camera better. I guess that's for iPhone LTE or iPhone 4G or whatever it's called. For now, no flash (camera flash) and no more than basic 2MP. Sigh.

Bluetooth is blah
I still want to be able to stream my audio via bluetooth. And I can't. Yet. I think we will someday, but we can't now. And I want it now!!

No turn-by-turn GPS
Following the dot as you drive is nice, but there's no turn by turn directions like a traditional GPS. No doubt that a 3rd party will make it happen, but I would like to see something as basic as that right out of the box. The 3G chip is there. Take it to the next level. Turn by turn is what makes GPS so cool and so useful.

NO TMG????
Hello? If I would have so much devels and money I would create a phone which BOMBS and rocks the whole world...

NO secondary SIM Card

No Flash
Ok, Apple and Adobe -- no one cares about who is good enough for whom or whatever the problem is here. When I surf a site to see a menu and it's Flash and all I get is a little blue square, I get annoyed. I want this problem fixed now. I want Flash on my iPhone.

No landscape keyboard
Why isn't this the norm across the iPhone board in every app?

The dock isn't included
The dock came with the original iPhone. Not anymore. It's not required, but I like it when my iPhone rests on my coffee table in its dock. I don't know that you can use the old dock with this version. That's something I will be asking Apple and hopefully having an answer about, but my gut is that you can't.

3G isn't in enough places
More bars in more places, AT&T promises and while I appreciate all the upgrades they are doing on their network, I think the 3G footprint is very small compared to the EDGE footprint. And while it's great that the iPhone will work in EDGE and Wi-Fi like now, I think the network needs to be more robust. Hopefully with the next technology (4G/LTE) we'll have more people able to take advantage.

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